Daikin Ultra High Static Ducted - Alpha & Advance FDA-A


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      • Up to 200Pa External Static Pressure
      • Auto balancing air flow / ESP on commissioning
      • Comms, computer and server room cooling possible (Seasonal Smart only)
      • Super inverter technology: reduces power consumption by up to 70% compared to non inverter units
      • Selectable evaporating & condensing temperature for greater operating efficiency (Seasonal Smart only)

      Functionality to suit commercial environments

      Energy efficiencies can be improved with the Seasonal Smart system by utilising the Selectable evaporating and condensing temperature option, offering the ideal solution for energy conscious building managers.

      The Seasonal Classic can be used on existing R22 pipework, which suits refurbishment projects.

      Super Inverter Concealed Ducted system can be used with pipe runs of up-to 100meters and capacities of up to 25kW for creating comfortable environments in larger premises. FDA-A 

      Air conditioning installations available on request via

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