The Radiator Booster July 19, 2016 09:54

The radiator booster works by sucking the warm air from behind your radiator and circulating it back out into your room. This means it can heat your room faster – saving energy and reduce your heating bills. It will only circulate the air when the radiator exceeds 30 degrees Celsius. As it heats the room quicker, central heating will shut down sooner saving money. It reduces heat loss through your walls.

It is manufactured from rigid, recyclable plastic and blends easily into any room. The radiator booster can sit on top of or behind your radiator. It works with any conventional water filled radiator. Supplied with a 1.9m mains power lead, weighing 240g and is 610mm x 60mm x 60mm in size. You can leave the booster switched on for as long as needed in the winter months. 99% of the products materials are recyclable.

The Radiator booster was independently tested by Which Magazine in 2011, their findings were;

"Our test lab found that with the radiator booster fitted, the room heated up more quickly, the thermostat needed to come on less often and energy consumption dropped”


  1. If my radiator is very long do I need to use two of these?

You can, however it is not necessary unless your radiator is more 1.5 metres.

  1. My radiator is very short, will the device still fit okay and work properly?

The radiator booster can be used on radiators down to 400mm, the device may overhang each end, but this doesn’t not affect its ability.

  1. Can it be used with radiator covers?

Yes, provided that it fits underneath the cover. As radiator covers prevent radiating heat from it, the radiator booster can enhance the convection, distributing trapped heat.

  1. Can the radiator booster be used on oil filled, electric storage or electric convention radiators?

No, these types of radiators get far hotter surface temperatures which can distort and damage the product.

  1. Can I use it in my bathroom, shower room, sauna room or outbuildings?

No, it must not be used in damp or humid environments

  1. Do I need to clean the device?

Yes, as with any domestic product, dust will build up on surfaces, which can impair the performance. You can clean the product using a lint free cloth, carefully on the fan blades as they are delicate. Any chemicals may damage the product.


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