Samsung 360 Air Conditioning Ceiling Cassette August 22, 2016 15:38

The New Samsung 360 Cassette Air Conditioning systems innovative circular design can match a range of interior designs. It’s hard to find a room where this air conditioning system does not fit in! This unit can cool every corner of a room with even airflow all round due to its round design.

As you can assume from the name of this ceiling cassette, the design allows to circulate air 360 degrees round the room. This means the cassette eliminates dead zones – where normal 4 way cassettes cannot reach. This allows the air flow to be consistent and free from direct air flow.

This unit addressed the common design flaw of air conditioning 4 way cassette systems. The design of the Samsung 360 Ceiling Cassette allows the system to distribute more even air flow which creates layers of chilled air. This cassette cools a room up to 34% faster than the standard 4-way cassettes. The design also means there is no cool drafts that you often encounter with other cassettes.