New MVHR Collection October 3, 2016 10:49

Recently we have uploaded a range of Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery systems from the best manufacturers Daikin, Mitsubishi, Nuaire and Vent-Axia. Soon to be included in this range is Samsung too!

The Daikin Total Heat Exchanger with DX Cooling and Heating has been recently added to this collection. It removes additional fresh air loads by heating and cooling the air to suit the room set point. Available in different sizes too!

The Nuaire Wall Mounted Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit with Bypass is also new to Air Conditioning Products. This medium duty unit is ideal for small to medium sized houses and apartments. As the unit is compact and simple to install it provides the perfect solution for a wide range of properties. Recovering up to 95% of heat which would normally be wasted, it can make it a whole lot easier to meet building regulations.

The Vent-Axia HR100W Heat Recovery System is designed for continuous operation providing up to 70% heat recovery. It effectively controls internal relative humidity and comes complete with integral humidity sensor and controls condensation and reduces mould. Fresh pre-warmed air from outside is continuously provided to the room with simultaneous extraction of stale, moist air.


To look at the complete range click the link below