Mitsubishi Range Recommended December 13, 2016 12:55

The Mitsubishi Range at Air Conditioning Products includes ducted, wall mounted, cassette and floor standing systems. All with heating and cooling abilities in a range of different sizes for all types of rooms. Some systems also come in a range of colours like the Mitsubishi Electric AC Wall Mount Inverter.

Looking for a floor mounted system that heats and cools? Mitsubishi Electric’s MFZ-KJ Floor Mounted inverter heat pump system is perfect for you. The extremely versatile design with auto swing vane provides a more natural and comfortable airflow throughout the room. Also the compact design which is extremely lightweight make the installation easy. With the new universal controller, you have a 7 day timeclock that aids control and energy saving.

The Mitsubishi Electric 4 – Way Blow Ceiling Cassette System is our top pick of all the Mitsubishi cassette AC systems. Some of its features include quite operation, two different airflow patterns, draught prevention and long life filter. With optional features such as I-See Feature, demand control, noise reduction and heating only.

And for those that would prefer a wall mounted system for Mitsubishi our best seller is the AC inverter Heat pump MSZ-EF Zen series. Ideal for any size room and also ideal for any style of room as this system comes in three different colours. This system had an auto restart feature for when there is an interruption to the power. Also it has its own fault diagnosis system and comes with an infra-red controller. Easily cleaned and serviced with all the cleaning materials we offer in our service and maintenance collection.

Lastly, we recommend the Mitsubishi SRR ZMX Compact Ducted Hyper Inverter for an AC Ducted system. We recommend this system because it can be mounted upright for floor based applications or mounted above a ceiling. As this unit has been compactly designed, it allows the appliance to heat up efficiently even when the temperature is very low. Unlike other systems, this Mitsubishi Air Conditioning ducted system adapts the speed of the compressor to the needs of each moment, consuming only the energy required.

Although this blog highlights the systems we recommend and what sells best, if you are having trouble identifying what unit is best for your requirements, our team can help with this! Just contact us at! You can also contact us if you would like a quote to supply and install any systems.