Installation Materials for Air Conditioning Systems January 13, 2017 10:26 supply everything you need to install an air conditioning system to any type of property. This includes all pipework, attachments and covers. We also supply the full range of sizes.

If you are in need of some duct, we can supply you with D Straight duct in sizes 70 and 105. CP Sockets, EIN Exterior Corner and FB Elbow are available too.

We supply copper pipe work coil in 15m reels in sizes ¼ 22g, 3/8 21g, ½ 21g, 5/8 20g, ¾ 19g and 7/8 19g.

And to insulate this copper pipe, we supply lagging – bagged coil class in sizes 6-9, 10-9, 12-9, 15-9, 20-9 and 22-9.

To install a system to a wall, we can offer two different brackets – Type 2 Brackets in 90kg and 140kg sizes.

With an Air Conditioning System, you will often need to install a condensate removal pump. We have 13 different condensate removal pumps to offer From Aspen, BlueDiamond, Sauermann and gFlow. Our Range Includes the Aspen Hi-Flow pumps in 1.0L and 2.0L along with the Hi-lift Aspen Tank pump in 2.0L. The MiniBlue and MaxiBlue pumps from BlueDiamond are included in our range along with many more. Braided house available in clear or black colour is purchasable at air conditioning products too.

Universal Cassette covers are available in three different types and six different sizes – so plenty to choose from!

Maybe more for the Industrial and Commercial types of property – Security Cages for outdoor condenser units. These attached to the wall around a condenser to protect it. Available in four sizes.

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