Everything you need to install an Air Conditioning System! October 18, 2016 15:12

 At Air Conditioning Products we offer the common materials used when installing Air Conditioning Systems in all situations. This may be when installing to residential, commercial or industrial properties, we have many items to suit. With all products for the installation of Air Conditioning systems coming in the full range of sizes, you can be sure that we will have the product that you need.

We offer Air Conditioning Copper Pipework in a 15m coil for the installation of Air Conditioning Systems. Available in six different pipe sizes too! This copper pipe is manufactured to the latest British Standards and as it is soft copper it is easy to work with and bend.

Also in our range is duct, brackets and corners/elbows in different sizes, styles and fittings. All direct from the manufacturers themselves, you can be sure that our products are to the best quality and new for installation of your Air Conditioning System.

In need of a certain Condensate Pump for installation of an Air Conditioning System? At Air Conditioning Products we offer a big range of Condensate Pumps from Aspen, Gflow, BlueDiamond and Sauermann along with braided hose available in Black and Clear colour. All available in the full range of sizes made by the manufacturers.

Cassette Covers and Security Cages at Air Conditioning Products are available to purchase on our easy to use online store. If you need a Universal Cassette cover we can offer you U1, U2 or U3, in six different sizes. Our Security Cages for the outdoor unit of an Air Conditioning System are available in four different sizes too.

Have a look at our Installation Collection to see more.