Air Conditioning Cassette Systems from Daikin November 2, 2016 15:13

At Air Conditioning Products we supply the full range of Daikin Air Conditioning cassette systems. From compact to roundflow, you can count on us to deliver the right system for you.

So, to start with, available on our online shop in 2.5kw, 5kw and 6kw is the Daikin Air Conditioning 600x600 Fully Flat Cassette. Equipped with energy saving functions that enhance comfort. This being a movement sensor to save energy. Low noise levels and slim construction all being part of this cassettes great features.

Moving on, the Daikin Air Conditioning Under Ceiling Cassette Seasonal Classic Single Phase. This cassette is a unique product as the 4 way system can be installed under the ceiling in rooms that have solid ceilings or narrow voids that may prevent the traditional cassette being installed. This system is also available in three phase.

Lastly the Daikin Air Conditioning Roundflow cassette – available in compact, seasonal classic and seasonal smart variants. The compact cassette is designed for installation in narrower ceiling voids. The 360 radial air pattern of these cassettes ensures uniform air flow and temperature distribution.  Air flow flexibility allows you to choose from 23 different air flow patterns which you can change via remote. The seasonal classic is also suitable for twin, triple and double twin applications.


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