NEW THERMIX RANGE! March 30, 2016 10:26

We have recently introduced two Thermix products to

The Eco Store Air and the Eco-Therm, two renewable energy products aimed to save energy.

The Eco Store Air 250 has a modern design cabinet, stainless steel tank and other features to ensure the product works to the best ability. This product works by drawing in air by the fan which then heats the refrigerant in the evaporator. This refrigerant flows to the compressor where the temperature continues to increase. In the condenser, the refrigerant transfers its heat to the water. The refrigerant then cools and becomes liquid. The process becomes a cycle to ensure energy efficiency.

The Eco-Therm 7.5 has a stainless steel heat exchanger, heats water up to 60 degrees centigrade and other features that allow the product to be as energy efficient as possible. This products works by using low temperature and low pressure refrigerant gas that goes from the evaporator to compressor, after compressed the gas becomes high temperature and high pressure. The gas then meets the water condensation which increases the temperature. The liquid refrigerant then passes through the expansion valve with a fan the evaporate heat in the air, after all evaporation the low pressure compressor refrigerant gas inhalation in the compressor. After working through the compressor, a high temperature and pressure or the refrigerant gas from the compressor to exhaust emissions, such a reciprocating cycle.

More Thermix products to come.. Click the Thermix page under the products tab to find out more.