Chimella January 25, 2016 16:11

The Chimella product is for open fires which use gas or natural fuels with a flue shape between 200mm X 200mm to 400mm X 400mm, and a height between 600mm and 700mm above the opening.

The product is designed to fit any shape flue – round, square, rectangular or triangle! Made from strong quality materials that will add a vintage feel to your fire.

With Chimella, there is an option to choose a beautifully sculptured handle, with a brightly coloured canopy to catch any fallen debris for easy disposal.

Chimella can help save energy in your home in a decorative way.

Why should you choose Chimella’s Chimney Umbrella over a Chimney Balloon?

Chimella is quick and easy to set up whereas the balloon is time consuming and takes a lot of energy of your own. The Chimney Umbrella will not deflate or fall out of your chimney. The Chimella is more heat suitable than a balloon as it can withstand heat temperature of over 100 degrees!

WILL FIT ANY SHAPE FLUE - round, square, rectangle or even triangular.

PREVENTS - cold air coming down the chimney.

AVERTS - down drafts and howling.

COLLECTS - any fallen debris, rain or hailstones into the canopy.

STOPS - birds or animal from coming down the chimney and into your home.

STOPS - smoke coming down unused fireplaces with shared flues.

INTERCHANGEABLE - handles and canopies to suit individual tastes and colour schemes - add a tough of style to the heart of your home!