The New Samsung Range! June 9, 2016 16:24

Recently, Air Conditioning Products has added Samsung Air Conditioning Systems to its forever growing range. The range includes wall mounted, cassette and floor standing Air Conditioning Systems. All at great prices that you’ll find very competitive.

New to Air Conditioning Products, the Samsung Air Conditioning High Wall Inverter System is available in three sizes. 2.5kw, 3.5kw and 5.0kw. The unit its self is a triangular shape to achieve the longest and widest air flow, up to 14 meters!! With a very low noise level, the Samsung Air Conditioning System has a fast cool mode which can bring the temperature of the room down exceptionally quickly. Due to the shape of the Air Conditioning system there are no blind spots, limiting the amount of units needed.

Also new, the Samsung Boracay Air Conditioning wall mounted system. This unit is available in 4 sizes, 2.5kw; 3.5kw; 5.0kw and 6.8kw. This unit is also designed to have no blind spots, a recurring characteristic for Samsung Air Conditioning Systems! The Durafin coating on the heat exchanger protects the unit for corrosion. With a 3 care filter – anti-bacteria, anti-virus and anti-allergen.

The Samsung Air Conditioning Split System 4 way Mini Cassette 5 sizes. These are 2.6kw, 3.5kw, 5.0kw, 5.8kw and 6.8kw. This unit cuts down your cost of running Air Conditioning through the office due to brilliant energy efficiency. With this unit you can choose between two different panels, waffle or classic pattern. You can filter the air by adding the Samsung S-Plasma ion device.

Finally, the Samsung floor standing residential Q9000 Air Conditioning system, available in 7.2kw. The Samsung Floor Standing Air Conditioning system uses 3 independent front-facing fans to provide cooling that is faster, goes further and is more powerful. There are 7 types of airflow on this system, so you can cool the room to suit various activities and weather conditions. The Turbo Jet Cooling system allows three spiral air flows created by the jet engine mechanism, to cool the entire room quickly and efficiently. The built in air cleaning device ‘Virus Doctor’ purifies the air and neutralizes all harmful contaminants in the air including bacteria that resists physical filtration. Also has an ice blue coloured light when the fan is on!

To learn more information on our Samsung range, or to buy a product, use the link below.