The Toshiba Daiseikai Wall Mounted Air Conditioning System January 31, 2017 09:31

The Toshiba Daiseikai System was designed with big energy saving goals in mind. Saving energy with CoP efficiency ratings up to a record of 5.1! Along with this, the Toshiba Daiseikai system creates purer air with one of the best filtration systems seen in air conditioning systems.  Unmatched IAQ with Ag + Plasma Purifier air filtration which captures particles as small as 0.001 microns. May this be dust, smoke or other airborne impurities. The Toshiba system’s DC Hybrid inverter technology and twin rotary compressor adds to its energy efficient features.

The modern design fits well with all types of interior, new or old. We all know an air conditioning system is to the fill the need of comfort in a property, this Toshiba system solely focuses on this need. The pure air, low running noise and slim construction provides the comfort feel to a room.

Some of the Toshiba Daiseikai Air Conditioning Systems other features include in system fault diagnosis, auto re-start after power disruption, Infra-red Controller, cold draft prevention on heat pump start up and comes pre-charges with refrigerant for up to 10 metres pipe length.

To take a further look at this Toshiba Daiseikai Air Conditioning Wall Mounted System click the link below.

Or contact our friendly team at for any questions.

Installation Materials for Air Conditioning Systems January 13, 2017 10:26 supply everything you need to install an air conditioning system to any type of property. This includes all pipework, attachments and covers. We also supply the full range of sizes.

If you are in need of some duct, we can supply you with D Straight duct in sizes 70 and 105. CP Sockets, EIN Exterior Corner and FB Elbow are available too.

We supply copper pipe work coil in 15m reels in sizes ¼ 22g, 3/8 21g, ½ 21g, 5/8 20g, ¾ 19g and 7/8 19g.

And to insulate this copper pipe, we supply lagging – bagged coil class in sizes 6-9, 10-9, 12-9, 15-9, 20-9 and 22-9.

To install a system to a wall, we can offer two different brackets – Type 2 Brackets in 90kg and 140kg sizes.

With an Air Conditioning System, you will often need to install a condensate removal pump. We have 13 different condensate removal pumps to offer From Aspen, BlueDiamond, Sauermann and gFlow. Our Range Includes the Aspen Hi-Flow pumps in 1.0L and 2.0L along with the Hi-lift Aspen Tank pump in 2.0L. The MiniBlue and MaxiBlue pumps from BlueDiamond are included in our range along with many more. Braided house available in clear or black colour is purchasable at air conditioning products too.

Universal Cassette covers are available in three different types and six different sizes – so plenty to choose from!

Maybe more for the Industrial and Commercial types of property – Security Cages for outdoor condenser units. These attached to the wall around a condenser to protect it. Available in four sizes.

Take a look at all our products by clicking the link below.

Mitsubishi Range Recommended December 13, 2016 12:55

The Mitsubishi Range at Air Conditioning Products includes ducted, wall mounted, cassette and floor standing systems. All with heating and cooling abilities in a range of different sizes for all types of rooms. Some systems also come in a range of colours like the Mitsubishi Electric AC Wall Mount Inverter.

Looking for a floor mounted system that heats and cools? Mitsubishi Electric’s MFZ-KJ Floor Mounted inverter heat pump system is perfect for you. The extremely versatile design with auto swing vane provides a more natural and comfortable airflow throughout the room. Also the compact design which is extremely lightweight make the installation easy. With the new universal controller, you have a 7 day timeclock that aids control and energy saving.

The Mitsubishi Electric 4 – Way Blow Ceiling Cassette System is our top pick of all the Mitsubishi cassette AC systems. Some of its features include quite operation, two different airflow patterns, draught prevention and long life filter. With optional features such as I-See Feature, demand control, noise reduction and heating only.

And for those that would prefer a wall mounted system for Mitsubishi our best seller is the AC inverter Heat pump MSZ-EF Zen series. Ideal for any size room and also ideal for any style of room as this system comes in three different colours. This system had an auto restart feature for when there is an interruption to the power. Also it has its own fault diagnosis system and comes with an infra-red controller. Easily cleaned and serviced with all the cleaning materials we offer in our service and maintenance collection.

Lastly, we recommend the Mitsubishi SRR ZMX Compact Ducted Hyper Inverter for an AC Ducted system. We recommend this system because it can be mounted upright for floor based applications or mounted above a ceiling. As this unit has been compactly designed, it allows the appliance to heat up efficiently even when the temperature is very low. Unlike other systems, this Mitsubishi Air Conditioning ducted system adapts the speed of the compressor to the needs of each moment, consuming only the energy required.

Although this blog highlights the systems we recommend and what sells best, if you are having trouble identifying what unit is best for your requirements, our team can help with this! Just contact us at! You can also contact us if you would like a quote to supply and install any systems.

Air Conditioning Cassette Systems from Daikin November 2, 2016 15:13

At Air Conditioning Products we supply the full range of Daikin Air Conditioning cassette systems. From compact to roundflow, you can count on us to deliver the right system for you.

So, to start with, available on our online shop in 2.5kw, 5kw and 6kw is the Daikin Air Conditioning 600x600 Fully Flat Cassette. Equipped with energy saving functions that enhance comfort. This being a movement sensor to save energy. Low noise levels and slim construction all being part of this cassettes great features.

Moving on, the Daikin Air Conditioning Under Ceiling Cassette Seasonal Classic Single Phase. This cassette is a unique product as the 4 way system can be installed under the ceiling in rooms that have solid ceilings or narrow voids that may prevent the traditional cassette being installed. This system is also available in three phase.

Lastly the Daikin Air Conditioning Roundflow cassette – available in compact, seasonal classic and seasonal smart variants. The compact cassette is designed for installation in narrower ceiling voids. The 360 radial air pattern of these cassettes ensures uniform air flow and temperature distribution.  Air flow flexibility allows you to choose from 23 different air flow patterns which you can change via remote. The seasonal classic is also suitable for twin, triple and double twin applications.


Want to find out more?

Click here

Everything you need to install an Air Conditioning System! October 18, 2016 15:12

 At Air Conditioning Products we offer the common materials used when installing Air Conditioning Systems in all situations. This may be when installing to residential, commercial or industrial properties, we have many items to suit. With all products for the installation of Air Conditioning systems coming in the full range of sizes, you can be sure that we will have the product that you need.

We offer Air Conditioning Copper Pipework in a 15m coil for the installation of Air Conditioning Systems. Available in six different pipe sizes too! This copper pipe is manufactured to the latest British Standards and as it is soft copper it is easy to work with and bend.

Also in our range is duct, brackets and corners/elbows in different sizes, styles and fittings. All direct from the manufacturers themselves, you can be sure that our products are to the best quality and new for installation of your Air Conditioning System.

In need of a certain Condensate Pump for installation of an Air Conditioning System? At Air Conditioning Products we offer a big range of Condensate Pumps from Aspen, Gflow, BlueDiamond and Sauermann along with braided hose available in Black and Clear colour. All available in the full range of sizes made by the manufacturers.

Cassette Covers and Security Cages at Air Conditioning Products are available to purchase on our easy to use online store. If you need a Universal Cassette cover we can offer you U1, U2 or U3, in six different sizes. Our Security Cages for the outdoor unit of an Air Conditioning System are available in four different sizes too.

Have a look at our Installation Collection to see more.

New MVHR Collection October 3, 2016 10:49

Recently we have uploaded a range of Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery systems from the best manufacturers Daikin, Mitsubishi, Nuaire and Vent-Axia. Soon to be included in this range is Samsung too!

The Daikin Total Heat Exchanger with DX Cooling and Heating has been recently added to this collection. It removes additional fresh air loads by heating and cooling the air to suit the room set point. Available in different sizes too!

The Nuaire Wall Mounted Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit with Bypass is also new to Air Conditioning Products. This medium duty unit is ideal for small to medium sized houses and apartments. As the unit is compact and simple to install it provides the perfect solution for a wide range of properties. Recovering up to 95% of heat which would normally be wasted, it can make it a whole lot easier to meet building regulations.

The Vent-Axia HR100W Heat Recovery System is designed for continuous operation providing up to 70% heat recovery. It effectively controls internal relative humidity and comes complete with integral humidity sensor and controls condensation and reduces mould. Fresh pre-warmed air from outside is continuously provided to the room with simultaneous extraction of stale, moist air.


To look at the complete range click the link below

Condensate Pumps at Air Conditioning Products September 7, 2016 11:58

Air Conditioning Products offers a range of Aspen and BlueDiamond pumps for air conditioning systems. These pumps allow the waste water created from the air conditioning system to be pumped away, preventing leaks.

The Aspen Hi-Flow Tank Pumps

The Aspen Hi-Flow tank pumps are available at air conditioning products in 1.1L or 2.0L sizes. Aspen has a proven reliability and performance standard as one of the leading manufacturers of condensate pumps. These pumps have evolved to be more engineer focused and very easy to install and maintain. Easy access tanktwist and lock non-return outlet. The Aspen Hi-Flow tank pumps has a spirit level built in to the pump’s casing to aid levelling the pump in installation. The pumps reservoir can be removed easily for cleaning purposes.

The Aspen Hi-Lift Pumps

The Aspen Hi-Lift Pump is available at air conditioning products as a 2.0L pump. The world’s only peristaltic tank pump offers unsurpassed high head and unmatched reliability. This pump includes a Hi level safety switch in the unlikely event of a pump failure so you can stop the air conditioning system. Also with a spirit level built in the casing to aid levelling the pump in installation. The pumps reservoir can be removed easily for cleaning purposes.

The Aspen Mini Aqua Pump

The Aspen Mini Aqua Pump has been designed to give the installation flexibility, where the latest generation of AC units are becoming even smaller. It can be installed within wall mounted evaporators and in plastic conduit. Condensate water can be pumped to the height of 8 metres. This Aspen pump is only 28mm in height and 28mm depth – probably the smallest pump in the world!

The Aspen Silent+ Mini Lime Pump

The Aspen Silent+ Mini Lime Pump is completely reversible, quick and easy to install. Measuring at only 50mm it is designed to be installed next to the evaporator unit of an air conditioning system. This system comprises all other components otherwise required, and offers a simple and neat solution. Condensate water can be pumped to the height of 8 metres. This pump is complete with BBJ Trunking too.

The BlueDiamond MiniBlue Pump

The BlueDiamond MiniBlue Pump is whisper quiet with no maintenance required. This pump can also tolerate suspended solids and is capable of running dry without an overheating failure. It can also pump condensate water to the height of 8 meters. Weighing only 0.5 kilograms and has a 3 year warranty.

Also in this collection, for the installation of most these condensate pumps you will need braided hose. Available in black or clear colouring.

Have a look at this collection at

Samsung 360 Air Conditioning Ceiling Cassette August 22, 2016 15:38

The New Samsung 360 Cassette Air Conditioning systems innovative circular design can match a range of interior designs. It’s hard to find a room where this air conditioning system does not fit in! This unit can cool every corner of a room with even airflow all round due to its round design.

As you can assume from the name of this ceiling cassette, the design allows to circulate air 360 degrees round the room. This means the cassette eliminates dead zones – where normal 4 way cassettes cannot reach. This allows the air flow to be consistent and free from direct air flow.

This unit addressed the common design flaw of air conditioning 4 way cassette systems. The design of the Samsung 360 Ceiling Cassette allows the system to distribute more even air flow which creates layers of chilled air. This cassette cools a room up to 34% faster than the standard 4-way cassettes. The design also means there is no cool drafts that you often encounter with other cassettes.

5 Products you’ll be needing to cool your property this summer! August 8, 2016 14:29


  1. The Samsung Boracay Air Conditioning Wall Mount System


This wall mounted system has been one of our most viewed products at Air Conditioning Products recently. No surprise to us – this unit has no blind spots to ensure greater comfort and lessens the number of units needed! As well as an extremely low noise level from the system, the Samsung Boracay Air Conditioning system has a 3 care filter installed. This filter includes anti-bacteria, anti-virus and anti-allergen technology to keep air healthy and clean. The sleek new design of the Samsung Boracay allows the system to blend in with any décor. Along with the look of the unit, the Air Conditioning system has been designed with a good sleep mode – which automatically adjusts the temperature and humidity to match your sleep cycle. The fast cool mode can bring the room down exceptionally quickly!

We can also offer professional installation of this unit.


  1. The Silent+ Mini Lime Pump with BBJ Trunking


The Mini Lime Pump System is reversible, quick and easy to install. This pump is installed next to the evaporator unit of air conditioning systems. By connecting the drain hose to the reservoir of the pump unit, condensate water can be pumped to a height of 8 meters. Also this slim-line pump system has supporting elbows. This systems comprises all of the components required and offers a simple and neat solution.  


  1. The Daikin Emura Air Conditioning Wall Mounted Unit


This unit is available in a range of colours as well as kw sizes. The Daikin Emura System has been awarded many times due to its excellent design. You can control this unit from your phone, tablet or computer with an app from any location. This means you can set a unit to cool or heat before you come home so your room is at a nice temperature to walk into. Great right? The whisper quiet unit can hardly be heard. We highly recommend this Air Conditioning System from one of the leading manufacturers – Daikin!


  1. The Sauermann Cond Unit Cage


Keep your outdoor air conditioning unit safe with the Sauermann Cage. The interlocking panel system allows quick and easy installation – only two fixing screws! But don’t worry – the lockable access panel allows you to access the unit for maintenance purposes. There is a slide in base plate / drip tray too. You can personalize the name plate – snazzy! The back plate is fitted with spirit level.


  1. The NEW Samsung 360 Cassette Air Conditioning – CAC System


The innovative circular design is attracting a lot of people not only at Air Conditioning Products – but everywhere! You’ll find it hard to find a place where this system doesn’t fit in! You can cool every corner of the room with even airflow. The Samsung 360 Cassette Air Conditioning system uses a wireless control for easy adjustments. You can enjoy a more effective air expulsion with no draft.


All products can be purchased at

10% OFF ALL PRODUCTS July 26, 2016 15:53


Air Conditioning Products has introduced a 10% discount on every product on the website!

You can now purchase Air Conditioning Systems, Heat Pumps, Installation Materials, Service and Maintenance Products, Thermix and Energy Saving Products.

We supply Air Conditioning Systems and Heat Pumps from the leading manufacturers, these being Daikin, Mitsubishi, Samsung and Toshiba. Some units are available in different colours and kw sizes.

Our Installation Materials include copper pipework, duct, brackets, condensate pumps from Aspen and Blue Diamond, braided hose, cassette covers, security cages from Sauermann and reconditioned items.

The Service and Maintenance collection includes all the cleaning materials you need to efficiently service an air conditioning system.

Our Thermix range includes a pool/spa heat pump, a kitchen plinth heater, the Eco Store cylinders and the Eco Therm 7.5.

Lastly, Energy Saving products include the Chimney Umbrella from Chimella, Radflek and a Radiator Booster.

All products on the website have had the 10% deducted from the price to ensure you receive the full discount.

Offer ends August 31st. 


The Radiator Booster July 19, 2016 09:54

The radiator booster works by sucking the warm air from behind your radiator and circulating it back out into your room. This means it can heat your room faster – saving energy and reduce your heating bills. It will only circulate the air when the radiator exceeds 30 degrees Celsius. As it heats the room quicker, central heating will shut down sooner saving money. It reduces heat loss through your walls.

It is manufactured from rigid, recyclable plastic and blends easily into any room. The radiator booster can sit on top of or behind your radiator. It works with any conventional water filled radiator. Supplied with a 1.9m mains power lead, weighing 240g and is 610mm x 60mm x 60mm in size. You can leave the booster switched on for as long as needed in the winter months. 99% of the products materials are recyclable.

The Radiator booster was independently tested by Which Magazine in 2011, their findings were;

"Our test lab found that with the radiator booster fitted, the room heated up more quickly, the thermostat needed to come on less often and energy consumption dropped”


  1. If my radiator is very long do I need to use two of these?

You can, however it is not necessary unless your radiator is more 1.5 metres.

  1. My radiator is very short, will the device still fit okay and work properly?

The radiator booster can be used on radiators down to 400mm, the device may overhang each end, but this doesn’t not affect its ability.

  1. Can it be used with radiator covers?

Yes, provided that it fits underneath the cover. As radiator covers prevent radiating heat from it, the radiator booster can enhance the convection, distributing trapped heat.

  1. Can the radiator booster be used on oil filled, electric storage or electric convention radiators?

No, these types of radiators get far hotter surface temperatures which can distort and damage the product.

  1. Can I use it in my bathroom, shower room, sauna room or outbuildings?

No, it must not be used in damp or humid environments

  1. Do I need to clean the device?

Yes, as with any domestic product, dust will build up on surfaces, which can impair the performance. You can clean the product using a lint free cloth, carefully on the fan blades as they are delicate. Any chemicals may damage the product.


Purchase the radiator booster at Air Conditioning Products on the link below. 

Service and Maintenance Collection July 6, 2016 09:33

Air Conditioning Products has introduced a Service and Maintenance collection to purchase for cleaning your Air Conditioning Systems.

80 Big Wipes Heavy-Duty for just £8.95. These wipes can remove paint, varnishes, adhesives and PU foam. A trade person’s hands are their most valuable assets, so it’s best to look after them! With these wipes, your hands will be cleaner than a whistle.

The HydroCoil Alkaline Evaporator Cleaner for only £30.95. This product cleans even the dirtiest evaporator coils, eliminates slime from condensate trays and is safe for use with condensate pumps. This concentrate makes 35 litres.

The EasyClean Coil Cleaner for only £12.50. This universal coil cleaner is suitable for both Evaporator and Condensers. This product is convenient, high powered aerosol and it attacks only the dirt not the coil.

The EnviroCoil Coil Cleaner for only £46.50. This universal coil cleaner is safe to use indoors or outdoors. This product is biodegradable, environmentally friendly and improves energy efficiency. It also removes dirt, dust, lint and grease.  It safely and effectively cleans both evaporator and condenser coils. This concentrate makes 25-45 litres.

Lastly, the G2G Smell-Buster for £17.95. The smell buster eliminates odour which removes unpleasant smells from the air. It eliminates odours caused by smoke, mould, mildew, cat litter and pets along with noxious smells created by ammonia, hydrogen sulphide and other chemicals. It’s easy to use, highly effective and non-toxic or non-staining. This product is a pre-mixed trigger pack that provides complete odour control for all AC Systems. Sold in 1 Litre bottles.

Purchase these products from the link below.

Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Inverter Heat Pump Wall Mount June 23, 2016 11:00

This unit is new to Air Conditioning Products. The Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Inverter Wall Mount is ideal for use in any size room as they come equipped with a wide angle airflow system, as well as an automatic swing vane, allowing the airflow to be extended to every corner of a room.

The Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Inverter Wall Mount systems features include; infra-red controller, slim artistic construction, pipe runs up to 20 metres, low noise, fault diagnosis, easily cleaned and pre-charged with refrigerant up to 7 metres pipe length.

This unit is available in different colours and sizes. Black, White or Grey. 2.5kw, 3.5kw or 5.0kw. Available from just £600!

The New Samsung Range! June 9, 2016 16:24

Recently, Air Conditioning Products has added Samsung Air Conditioning Systems to its forever growing range. The range includes wall mounted, cassette and floor standing Air Conditioning Systems. All at great prices that you’ll find very competitive.

New to Air Conditioning Products, the Samsung Air Conditioning High Wall Inverter System is available in three sizes. 2.5kw, 3.5kw and 5.0kw. The unit its self is a triangular shape to achieve the longest and widest air flow, up to 14 meters!! With a very low noise level, the Samsung Air Conditioning System has a fast cool mode which can bring the temperature of the room down exceptionally quickly. Due to the shape of the Air Conditioning system there are no blind spots, limiting the amount of units needed.

Also new, the Samsung Boracay Air Conditioning wall mounted system. This unit is available in 4 sizes, 2.5kw; 3.5kw; 5.0kw and 6.8kw. This unit is also designed to have no blind spots, a recurring characteristic for Samsung Air Conditioning Systems! The Durafin coating on the heat exchanger protects the unit for corrosion. With a 3 care filter – anti-bacteria, anti-virus and anti-allergen.

The Samsung Air Conditioning Split System 4 way Mini Cassette 5 sizes. These are 2.6kw, 3.5kw, 5.0kw, 5.8kw and 6.8kw. This unit cuts down your cost of running Air Conditioning through the office due to brilliant energy efficiency. With this unit you can choose between two different panels, waffle or classic pattern. You can filter the air by adding the Samsung S-Plasma ion device.

Finally, the Samsung floor standing residential Q9000 Air Conditioning system, available in 7.2kw. The Samsung Floor Standing Air Conditioning system uses 3 independent front-facing fans to provide cooling that is faster, goes further and is more powerful. There are 7 types of airflow on this system, so you can cool the room to suit various activities and weather conditions. The Turbo Jet Cooling system allows three spiral air flows created by the jet engine mechanism, to cool the entire room quickly and efficiently. The built in air cleaning device ‘Virus Doctor’ purifies the air and neutralizes all harmful contaminants in the air including bacteria that resists physical filtration. Also has an ice blue coloured light when the fan is on!

To learn more information on our Samsung range, or to buy a product, use the link below.

Daikin Air Con Floor Standing Unit - Nexura FVXG-K May 23, 2016 11:28

Introducing the Daikin floor standing air conditioning unit, the Nexura FVXG-K.

The stylish front panel is capable of warming up, kind of like a standard radiator, to warm up your room on colder days. There is very little noise that comes from the unit, with a vertical automatic swing to ensure there is no draught and prevents ceiling soiling.

You can also set up an app on your smart phone which can control the unit from any location. This means you can turn the unit on before you go home so it’s already warm when you get there! With this is a weekly timer so you can programme the unit to start heating or cooling anytime that daily or weekly.

Energy efficient up to 400%!

Take a look at the Unit here starting at £879.85


This air conditioning wall unit from Toshiba has many great features. This unit has an extremely low sound level and A class in cooling and heating. It is easy to install and maintain with a 3 in 1 air filtration system and an easy to use remote control with extra-large display.

This super energy efficient air conditioning wall unit would fit nicely with any interior décor and will bring home comfort to your home with very little noise or effort. This unit has been designed with residential properties in mind. With the latest technology this slim-line flat-panel design has everything you need for air purity. Low power usage too!!

Available in different sizes

Click to see the full range and prices

NEW THERMIX RANGE! March 30, 2016 10:26

We have recently introduced two Thermix products to

The Eco Store Air and the Eco-Therm, two renewable energy products aimed to save energy.

The Eco Store Air 250 has a modern design cabinet, stainless steel tank and other features to ensure the product works to the best ability. This product works by drawing in air by the fan which then heats the refrigerant in the evaporator. This refrigerant flows to the compressor where the temperature continues to increase. In the condenser, the refrigerant transfers its heat to the water. The refrigerant then cools and becomes liquid. The process becomes a cycle to ensure energy efficiency.

The Eco-Therm 7.5 has a stainless steel heat exchanger, heats water up to 60 degrees centigrade and other features that allow the product to be as energy efficient as possible. This products works by using low temperature and low pressure refrigerant gas that goes from the evaporator to compressor, after compressed the gas becomes high temperature and high pressure. The gas then meets the water condensation which increases the temperature. The liquid refrigerant then passes through the expansion valve with a fan the evaporate heat in the air, after all evaporation the low pressure compressor refrigerant gas inhalation in the compressor. After working through the compressor, a high temperature and pressure or the refrigerant gas from the compressor to exhaust emissions, such a reciprocating cycle.

More Thermix products to come.. Click the Thermix page under the products tab to find out more.

NEW MINIBLUE March 9, 2016 14:29

The MiniBlue condensate removal pump is a silent running pump that is lightweight and has no maintenance required with it. The pump removes condensate produced from heating, cooling, refrigeration, condensing boilers or steam systems.

The pump is also perfectly capable of running dry without any overheating failure at all. The pump is Plenum rated and UL listed!

This MiniBlue pump is manufactured by Blue Diamond for a quality condensate removal in your property. It can retrofit around existing pipe work or cornering trunking.

Offering the MiniBlue pump at a very low price to our competitors, it’s a deal you cannot miss out on!

SAUERMANN COND UNIT CAGE February 3, 2016 15:23

The security cages manufactured by Sauermann have an interlocking panel system with allows a quick and easy installation. They only use TWO fixing screws!

With a lockable access panel for easy maintenance, this cage can disguise the condensing unit. Epoxy painted electro galvanized structure and slide in base plate/drip tray. You may also personalise the name plate in five different sizes.

This product will fit wall, floor and free standing units to insure your unit is securely looked after. These can be installed around a pre-existing condensing unit.

This is smart looking cage that will protect a unit securely, want to find out more?

Chimella January 25, 2016 16:11

The Chimella product is for open fires which use gas or natural fuels with a flue shape between 200mm X 200mm to 400mm X 400mm, and a height between 600mm and 700mm above the opening.

The product is designed to fit any shape flue – round, square, rectangular or triangle! Made from strong quality materials that will add a vintage feel to your fire.

With Chimella, there is an option to choose a beautifully sculptured handle, with a brightly coloured canopy to catch any fallen debris for easy disposal.

Chimella can help save energy in your home in a decorative way.

Why should you choose Chimella’s Chimney Umbrella over a Chimney Balloon?

Chimella is quick and easy to set up whereas the balloon is time consuming and takes a lot of energy of your own. The Chimney Umbrella will not deflate or fall out of your chimney. The Chimella is more heat suitable than a balloon as it can withstand heat temperature of over 100 degrees!

WILL FIT ANY SHAPE FLUE - round, square, rectangle or even triangular.

PREVENTS - cold air coming down the chimney.

AVERTS - down drafts and howling.

COLLECTS - any fallen debris, rain or hailstones into the canopy.

STOPS - birds or animal from coming down the chimney and into your home.

STOPS - smoke coming down unused fireplaces with shared flues.

INTERCHANGEABLE - handles and canopies to suit individual tastes and colour schemes - add a tough of style to the heart of your home!


THE DAIKIN FTXB INVERTER January 21, 2016 10:27

The wall mounted Daikin FTXB Inverter provides heating, cooling and air purifying for residential and commercial use. With a flat stylish front panel this unit will blend with any interior décor, it is also very easy to clean. 

This Systems is very energy efficient as they extract thermal energy from the ambient air and therefore emit far less CO2. With a 24 hour timer that can be set to start heating or cooling during that 24 hour period. Vertical auto swing moves the discharge flaps up and down for efficient air and temperature distribution.  An infrared remote control is user friendly and equipped with a timer function.

The unit includes an air filter to remove airborne dust particles to insure a steady supply of clean air. It is also extremely comfortable with low settings so will not distract you in the office or at home in bed! 

Check out the Daikin Inverter here

Welcome to Air Conditioning Products Online Shop January 5, 2016 10:52

Our website is set up to provide products for all your Air Conditioning related needs. From Air Conditioning units to security cages, we offer top of the range products at a discounted price you would find hard to beat.
We offer products from well-known brands such as; Daikin, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Aspen and Sauermann. With these products we offer a great customer service delivering a first class sales experience.
Don’t forget to check out our Energy Saving Products too!
Keep checking back for new product updates, we will keep you posted!